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Do you feel in over your head?

I think it is obvious that relationships can take hard work to keep on the straight and narrow. On the flip side, I think it can be quite easy to be difficult and obstinate. But that in turn can eventually eat lead you down some dark paths. The simple process of opening a dialogue with a person that you value in both your business and personal life is one of the best things you can do. Be honest, be brave and take the first step. Eventually I did just that and things just started to fall back in ...
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Prepare to dare to dream, it’s the best route to freedom

As 2021 began to draw to a close I decided to undertake the Freedom Trail mentor and coaching course with our very own Mark Thomas. I felt that having completely changed my life I needed to check in with myself and give myself the time and space to reconsider how I make my living. Having left my business after 20 years, it was a big step into the unknown. Mark asked me a question. If he were to hand me the ‘keys to the kingdom’ what would it be like? That stumped me! So, Mark phrased it differently: ‘what ...
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I climbed a hill, but it looked like a mountain to me: Sometimes a fresh perspective is all you need.

Last year I climbed a little mountain. A large hill if I am honest: but I really didn’t want to because I was worried that my knees wouldn’t take the pounding. I already had had one of my knees operated on in 2018 and the other was heading that way too. To be fair the only reason I climbed the hill was because my wife and son wanted too. So, there I am, in the lake district in October 2021 climbing a hill that I didn’t want to climb.
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Exit guide

Before you leave…are you selling yourself short? Are you exiting your company because you’ve reached the end of your tether with your business partner? With pension experts indicating that there has been upsurge in people drawing down their pensions sooner than anticipated because they want to escape their business, it is important to not make rash decisions based on desperation.
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Captain my Captain: Strong leadership comes in all shapes and sizes

Experience has shown that quiet calmness beats shouting every time, which can be a challenge at times, but that is why Equanimity can help. We bring composure and resolution to struggling relationships in business.
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