Let’s be honest.

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I climbed a hill, but it looked like a mountain to me: Sometimes a fresh perspective is all you need.

Last year I climbed a little mountain. A large hill if I am honest: but I really didn’t want to because I was worried that my knees wouldn’t take the pounding. I already had had one of my knees operated on in 2018 and the other was heading that way too. To be fair the only reason I climbed the hill was because my wife and son wanted too. So, there I am, in the lake district in October 2021 climbing a hill that I didn’t want to climb.

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Exit guide

Before you leave…are you selling yourself short? Are you exiting your company because you’ve reached the end of your tether with your business partner? With pension experts indicating that there has been upsurge in people drawing down their pensions sooner than anticipated because they want to escape their business, it is important to not make rash decisions based on desperation.

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Captain my Captain: Strong leadership comes in all shapes and sizes

Experience has shown that quiet calmness beats shouting every time, which can be a challenge at times, but that is why Equanimity can help. We bring composure and resolution to struggling relationships in business.

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Keeping it in the family…or not?

Two of the more common adages that you hear in day-to-day life are: “you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family” and “don’t ever go into business with your family”. Both sound remarkably sane and balanced.  But is the second one really true?

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In need of me time

Revealing the enigma of business ownership: top of your game, bottom of your own pile.

How high are you on your own priority list?  Just a rough guess, pretty low, somewhere below the dog/hamster/goldfish…and the goldfish died two months ago. We believe you should be near the top, or even number 1.  There is a saying: ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’ and as ex business owners we know the consequences of putting yourself last.  It can lead to you feeling resentful, exhausted, trapped and lost. It can impact your health, your relationships, your life and your business. But who do you turn to when you feel lonely at the top? Checking in …

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